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Championing Innovation and Expression in New Media

Nina Chanel Abney in her studio
Photo by Jesper Damsgaard Lund

Since its inception in 2017, CryptoPunks has been a pioneer not just of digital art, but of innovation in the art world at large. This legacy continues with the 2024 launch of Punk in Residence, an ongoing series of collaborations in which artists create limited-edition works exploring the question, “what does punk mean to you?” Unrestrained by medium or genre, Punk in Residence is designed to encourage creative experimentation; artists have the opportunity and freedom to to leverage next generation technology to create original works of art. Yuga Labs will provide the technical expertise to bring these creations to the blockchain and innovate at the intersection of culture and code.

Like the CryptoPunks and its community of holders, selected residents will be diverse in practice and point of view. Engaging collaborators with and without a web3 background, the series spotlights artists who use innovative techniques, conduct multi-media experiments, and are interested in bridging gaps between their practice and the nascent digital art movement.

“Punk in Residence is building a framework for contemporary artists to envision their entry into web3.”
-Nina Chanel Abney, inaugural Punk in Residence

In keeping with the CryptoPunks ethos to champion and sustain artistry and Yuga Labs’ commitment to a fair and rewarding ecosystem for creatives, Punks in Residence collaborators will share in the financial and critical success of the project we release together. Digital collections will launch on Magic Eden’s marketplace, the first major Ethereum marketplace that has publicly committed itself to honoring creator royalties.