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Art of Punk

A call for art to all Punk holders

September 3. 2024 to January 12. 2025
Curated by Tschuuuly, curator for the OOELKG

Museum Francisco Carolinum
Linz, Austria & Metaverse Voxels

Graphic Design by Ross

Yuga is proud to support the world's first museum group show of artists from the CryptoPunk’s community. Curated by Tschuuuly - a notable community member, artist, collector, and now curator for the OOELKG - the exhibition exclusively features members who are holders of one or more CryptoPunks.

The aim of the exhibition is to offer a unique insight into the creative dynamics of a community operating at the intersection of art and technology, highlighting the role of NFTs as cultural artifacts that redefine both the art world and the understanding of ownership and authenticity in the digital age. By bringing together the works of this heterogeneous group of artists in a national museum, Art of Punk aims to underscore the importance of NFTs and the digital medium as legitimate and innovative forms of art. Traditional art forms like paintings and sculptures will be presented alongside digital pieces such as NFTs and generative art, as well as on-chain art, performance art, film, poetry and music — hereby illustrating the broad field of artistic practices covered by CryptoPunk artists.

The Francisco Carolinum in Linz is a renowned museum for media art and photography, known for its exhibitions that range from experimental media art to traditional photography capturing the latest trends in art and placing them within an expanded cultural and social framework. Its emphasis on international perspectives makes Francisco Carolinum an important venue for the global discourse on photography and media art. It presents an extensive program of solo and group shows with artists shaping the history of digital art and crypto art IRL and in the metaverse, among others, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Sarah Friend, Jonas Lund, Sarah Meyohas, Rhea Myers, Nam June Paik, Harm van den Dorpel, Refik Anadol, Valie Export, Herbert W. Franke.

ART OF PUNK will take place in both the Museum in Linz as well as the Metaverse Voxels. The virtual museum DFC (Digital Francisco Carolinum) is an innovative and groundbreaking project in the field of digital presentation of art. As the world's first institutional museum location in the Metaverse, founded in April 2021 in the blockchain-based world of Voxels, the DFC represents a milestone in the development of the international museum landscape. Since then, it has regularly hosted curated and well-attended exhibitions of digital art.

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Among the confirmed participants for Art of Punk:

Kevin Abosh, Beeple, Rainer Hosch, 0xDEAFBEEF, Miguel Faus, DeeKay, Dutchtide, Natealex, Judy Mam, MCB, Jordan Lyall, Marco Mori, Justin Aversano